Did you find artwork?

released jan 22, 2013

released jan 22, 2013

We’ve been leaving art around the city. One of our new projects. “Have a nice day.”

You might find art in the grocery market, on a subway seat, in a bathroom stall. If you do, take it home. It’s yours, keep it give it away. Have a nice day.

Let us know where you found it!  If you are on instagram or twitter hashtag a photo of your treasure #ifoundaniceday

2 thoughts on “Did you find artwork?

  1. I found a water color on the floor of a coney island bound R train at the 25th street stop. It had been stepped on and ignored until i came along. The wonderful colors caught my eye and i immediately kneeled down to pick it. I read the nice note on the back and it’s been at my desk at work ever since. I love things like this. Great idea!

    • Scott, we are so happy to hear that it found a home. If you’d like to post a photo of it on instagram with the hashtag #ifoundaniceday we’d be very grateful. Thanks for rescuing art!

      ~ mizmiao

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