industrial noise

here’s a series i’ve been working on focused on urban landscapes. all the pictures are taken and edited with an iphone 4s. for this series i wanted to see if it was possible to take something interesting while moving through the urban landscape. so these photos are taken on the run. most through car or train windows. we spend so much time in motion here. rushing from place to place. looking out the window i see some beautiful things.

Dark Knight Vs. Dark Ninja

Saturday our son decided that he wanted to write a script and act out a one scene short film. In the early morning our wee ninja worked with dad developing the words for his scene. Mapping out the setting, characters and other details of the scene to be filmed. After much conversation and a few re-edits a script was born:


All great productions need some below the line talent so the mother unit was conscripted into the project as Videographer. After some practice with the actors lines and a few dry runs the producer was ready for our first take. So happy with his first go around he called the project a wrap and asked that we upload it to the internet for all to see. Naturally, we gleefully obliged and you can view our little budding film maker’s work at the ArtAux YouTube channel.

What excites us most in this process is a manifestation of Aux’s goals.  Children are natural creators.  Their imagination is boundless. Opportunities to join so many aspects of eduction into one creative project is an exciting prospect for educators. Part of our vision for Aux is this expansion of the creative mind. Our goals include melding, arts, education and movement through martial arts. Children learn with their whole selves. Providing them projects which encourage them to do so can expand their capacities for learning while encouraging them to use one of their greatest tools, imagination.

Creating an action film short provided the child with multiple educational exercises. From writing a script to rehearsing the action and editing the production the child is involved in every part of his learning experience. The goal is not to create the greatest action film but to bring the child through the full process of creation.

The child has learned to:

Read, write, cooperate, understand process, build confidence, and memorize. He has also experienced movement, concepts of technology use & how to bring an idea from concept to final product. In other words the child has learned with his whole self. Mind and body are engaged.

This is ArtAux in action. This is how we envision children learning. Empowering their imagination and nurturing the bond between the physical and emotional.