Type A Interview

Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin, the two artists that make up the collaborative team Type A, are so fun to hang out with it’s easy to forget that they are so serious about what they do.  They are exactly what they claim to be:  two men driven to overcome their competitive nature in order to create.  AA and AB were kind enough to grant us an interview at their exceptionally cool west side studio, right near the Frying Pan and the High Line.

You can enjoy the video here:  TYPE A INTERVIEW

More about Type A, including their feature in Art In America and information about the works mentioned in our interview, can be found at their site (www.typea.us).  To view their work or to make inquiries, please contact the Robert Goff Gallery located at 537B West 23rd Street, NY,NY.

Thanks to Type A for contributing to the Artist Auxiliary!